Bittersweet Monday

a film by jaime lee


When longtime best friends say their goodbyes before a big move, they find themselves holding onto more than just friendship. Separately in committed marriages, the two experience an overwhelming emotional shift, exacerbated by the circumstances that bring them together and alone again.

Bittersweet Monday (2012), drama/romance

feature narrative film (88 minutes), 2.35:1/color

written & directed by Jaime Lee, U.S.A./English

starring Philipp C. Wolter, David Covington, Lauren LoGiudiceJohn Jude Schultz, and Jaime Lee

cinematography by Moses Lee

original music by David Park and Jaime Lee 

featuring music by Matthew Santos, Jeremy MessersmithJinny KimJason Min, and David Lee  

produced by Just2Me Productions

filmed on location in Austin, TX; New York City; and Jersey City  

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Winner of Mira Nair Award for Rising Female Filmmaker at 2013 Harlem International Film Festival